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Who we are and what we believe.

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Let's Dive into what We Believe...

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All things need to lead to Christ while focusing on a life of worship, discipleship and service.


God has called His people to be a LIGHT in the world.

To accomplish this, TLC will be a church that is purposeful and balanced in the following five areas



Leaning on each other through FELLOWSHIP

We believe that TLC will grow warmer through fellowship. Fellowship is connecting and becoming one with the church family.



Instructing in God's Truth through DISCIPLESHIP

We believe that TLC will grow deeper through discipleship. Our goal is to see each partner equipped to be a fully-devoted Christ-follower.



Glorifying God through


We believe that TLC will grow stronger through worship. Our goal is to love the Lord with our whole heart.



Helping one another through SERVICE

We believe that TLC will grow broader through service. Service is demonstrating God’s love to others by meeting their needs and healing their hurts in the name of Jesus.



Telling others about Jesus through EVANGELISM

We believe that TLC will grow larger through evangelism. We are ambassadors for Christ with a commission to reach people with the Good News of Jesus.


How is your EGS? ​ This is a statement you will hear a lot at TLC. This statement simplifies our purpose and vision by defining three distinct core values. EGS stands for


It's personal, it's intentional, it's supernatural. Open your eyes, open your heart and begin to see God for who he is....You begin to live with a new hope, an anticipation, an expectation....


To become mature in Christ

If we are not growing, we are dying

At TLC we know we must continue to grow smaller as we grow larger. We also know we can't be a mile wide and an inch deep spiritually.


Like a New Year's resolution, you can have great intentions, but without the evidence of your faith as said in Hebrews 11:6, it is impossible to please God. When we have a contagious spirit to serve, those who walk through these doors will know that God's Spirit is alive and moving in this place.​​

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