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Lead Pastor

Chris Daum

As a child, Pastor Chris always found himself believing for more when it came to this life.  At age eight, his more became the reality of Jesus in his life.  He has never stopped seeking a mountain moving faith and God has allowed him to experience His perfect provision for over 30+ years of ministry.  Formally equipped for ministry at Cincinnati Christian University, the Holy Spirit continues to build upon this truth instilled in Pastor Chris' life.  Throughout his journey of faith, Pastor Chris has had the privilege of serving in both the large and smaller congregations of faith and is convinced that no matter what the size is,  Christ has to be the center and focus at all times.  Chris lives in the Troy area with his wife. He also has three grown sons and two daughters-in-law. 


Worship Director

Scott Knepper

From a young age, Scott knew that God had something planned for him but he wasn't sure what. He had many interests; technology, using his hands to create things, and music to name a few , but he wasn't sure where God wanted him to serve. When he was a teen he attended a church camp, where God inspired him to pick up a guitar and to teach himself to play contemporary worship music. From there, his passion for music and leading others in worship really took hold. Scott enjoys many types of worship music; everything from the hymns of his childhood to the latest releases.
Scott has been involved in church worship and leadership since 2006 and has been on staff at TLC since June 2018. Scott was born and raised in the Miami Valley and considers it his home and his mission field. He lives there with his wife and eleven kids. 


Relational Ministry Consultant

Noah Walkup

Noah is the owner and operator of Purebred Coffee Co., a coffee shop and ministerial community outreach in the city of Troy, Ohio. He and his wife have lived and worked in Troy for some time with their son. They use a relational focus on meeting and developing friendships with the locals to share the Gospel and draw people closer to God. At TLC Noah is focused on creating a more relational attitude amongst the congregation and helping us to reach out to our community in a more effective manner. Noah has been in ministry for quite some time and now knows a lot about coffee if you have questions. 


Office Admin

Michelle Daum

Michelle has worked in ministry in tandem with her husband for 30+ years. She is an integral  part of the church making sure everything is running smoothly. She lives in Troy with her husband and has raised three sons. 

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Kids Ministry Director

Gill Knepper

Gill has been in ministry for the last 20+ years. First serving in the Columbus area with her late husband and now in the Troy area with her current husband Scott. She loves kids and has always felt a calling to teach kids about God; opening her heart to all kids and finding out just what makes each kid special and uniquely God's.  She graduated from Cedarville University with an Educational Degree and then earned her Master's from Kent State University. She spends her spare time reading, singing and hanging out with her husband and eleven kids.  

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.


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