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Jason May


Scott Knepper


Marion Hageman

Jason is originally from Michigan. He works as a physician assistant specializing in emergency medicine. Jason was traveling for his job and met his wife Sarah while working in Ohio. Jason and his wife Sarah started attending TLC. In January 2016. They feel it’s vitally important to have God first in their lives as well as to have a close church family. They have one son, Ethan who was born June 2020. They also have been serving as foster parents since December 2018 and have had multiple children in their home. Jason has a passion for missions. Throughout the years he has been on multiple different mission trips including building projects in Mexico and medical projects in Africa. In the past Jason served for four years as a trustee at a church he was attending when living in Michigan. Jason enjoys spending time with his family while being outside hiking, golfing and canoeing, especially in northern Michigan. Jason is excited to join the leadership board at TLC and desires to be use by God to serve the church of TLC.

From an early age, Scott knew that God had something planned for him but wasn't sure what. He had many interests - technology, service work, and music to name a few. As a teenager attending a church camp, God inspired Scott to pick up a guitar and to teach himself to play contemporary worship music. From there, his passion for worshiping and leading others in worship really took hold. Scott enjoys many types of worship music; everything from the hymns of his childhood to the latest releases.

Scott has been involved in church worship and leadership since 2006 and has been on staff at TLC since June 2018. Scott was born and raised in the Miami Valley and considers it his home and his mission field. 

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Chris Daum

Ken Roosa


As a child, Pastor Chris always found himself believing for more when it came to this life.  At age eight, his more became the reality of Jesus in his life.  He has never stopped seeking a mountain moving faith and God has allowed him to experience His perfect provision for over 30+ years of ministry.  Formally equipped for ministry at Cincinnati Christian University, the Holy Spirit continues to build upon this truth instilled in Pastor Chris' life.  Throughout his journey of faith, Pastor Chris has had the privilege of serving in both the large and smaller congregations of faith and is convinced that no matter what the size is,  Christ has to be the center and focus at all times.  

Ken and his wife, Cledith, have been in Troy for almost 13 years now.  They landed in Troy after raising their family and finding life circumstances drastically changing as they set out on their own.  Troy’s small town atmosphere & vibrant business life makes it a great place to live!  


Ken's corporate career is with McDonald’s Restaurants in the Dayton, Cincinnati & Columbus markets – ultimately serving as Operations Manager.  Ken left corporate life to start his own business back in 2002 which ended as GM left the Dayton area.  Ken was fortunate to have built relationships with many McDonald’s owners and corporate leaders.  This led him to "The Scott Family McDonald’s" where he has been blessed to serve as Director of Operations since 2004.  Ken operates 15 McDonald’s Restaurants in 6 different counties and employs nearly 1,000 people in their community.


Ken serves as the Treasurer here at TLC, coordinating payroll, budgets, payables and the overall finances the body provides to better The Kingdom!

A Leader is one who KNOWS the way, GOES the way, and SHOWS the way.

-John C. Maxwell-

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